How Beautiful are Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain tea Utensils?

How Beautiful are Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain tea Utensils?
1.Water is the mother of tea, and the vessel is the father of tea.

A good tea vessel can make people feel more comfortable and content when drinking tea.

So, what is a good tea vessel? This brings us to white porcelain.

Since ancient times, emperors and concubines have always kept jade close to them for health. Many long-lived emperors used jade pillows because the jade was believed to improve intelligence.

There are also stories such as Yang Guifei using jade to cool herself and Emperor Huizong being addicted to jade.

Jade is a substance that can store and nourish human vitality, which shows its beauty and efficacy.

Good-quality jade is smooth and dense, and white is the best color.

In the history of Chinese porcelain development, there is a kind of white porcelain that is famous for its jade-like luster, comparable to good jade, and has been praised by Europeans as "Chinese white."

During the Tang Dynasty, it was only produced for the imperial court. People found that this white porcelain was not only beautiful but also very delicate, like mutton fat jade, hence the name mutton fat jade porcelain. It immediately became a very noble type of porcelain, a tea vessel that is suitable for any occasion!

2.Good mutton fat jade porcelain, high-quality kaolin and firing process

White porcelain pays greatattention to raw materials and craftsmanship, and its quality differences are like tea leaves, which also make its prices vary greatly.

The color of fired white porcelain is lustrous and white like mutton fat jade, and the key lies in the selection of high-quality kaolin raw materials and the control of the firing process.

Naturally high-quality kaolin is rare and difficult to find. With the industrialization of mining, the resources of kaolin are being continuously consumed, and the probability of finding high-quality kaolin is getting lower and lower.

Handcrafted by experienced porcelain artisans, using fine high-quality kaolin, the tea utensils produced have a smooth surface and no greasy feeling.

The formation of a piece of mutton fat jade porcelain starts from kneading the clay, then throwing, imprinting, trimming, glazing, firing, and so on. Each step requires focused effort.

After being fired at a high temperature of 1330℃ for 30 hours, the essence of the Dehua Jianbai porcelain clay, which is warm and jade-like, is slowly restored and presented exactly as it is.

Under high-temperature firing, the tea utensils are completely porcelainized, and the expression of color and transparency is precise, presenting a unique milky white color.

3.Gelatinous like fat, smooth like jade, worth playing with

Compared to other tea utensils, mutton fat jade porcelain is more like something worth playing with, as it is gelatinous like fatand smooth like jade.

The more one loves tea, the more picky they are about the details of tea utensils, such as the smoothness of water flow, the sealing performance, and so on. These tea utensils are almost impossible to find any flaws.

Good utensils are worth savoring, and a good teapot fits well in the hand.

The teapot is of moderate size, hand-crafted, finely polished, and made to fit comfortably in the hand. The design of the teapot not only ensures that it does not burn the hands but also considers the brewing of tea and the tea-tasting experience.

A good fairness cup is easy to use.

A good fairness cup requires four basic requirements: sufficient capacity, smooth water flow, comfortable grip, and easy to clean.

A good tea-tasting cup brings out the color of the tea soup.

The mutton fat jade porcelain tea-tasting cup has a great ability to present the color of the tea soup, no matter what kind of tea is brewed, it appears brilliantly in the mutton fat jade porcelain cup.

4.Not afraid of tea stains, cleans easily with a simple wipe

Poor-quality tea pot can become oily and yellow after long-term use.

However, mutton fat jade porcelain tea utensils, after being fired at very high temperatures, have a dense structure, and tea stains can be easily removed with a simple wipe, without worrying about any chemical residues from toothpaste or cleaning agents.

Overall Matching, Suitable forAny Occasion

These tea utensils are designed based on the standard 7g tea capacity, which is very practical. The operation and grip are comfortable, even for beginners who are not familiar with pouring tea, they will not get burned.
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