The Noble and Gorgeous Longevity Crane Mug

The Noble and Gorgeous Longevity Crane Mug
Tea ware is an essential tool when we enjoy tea. This mug is composed of four parts the body, the filter, the lid, and the coaster, and its overall design is exquisite and unique, highlighting the charm and beauty of Chinese traditional culture. The outer side of the mug features colorful auspicious clouds and five flying cranes, with waves at the bottom of the pattern. The lines of the clouds, cranes, and waves all use the technique of gold-plated relief, making the patterns more three dimensional and vivid, and better showcasing the charm of Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, the handle of the mug body is decorated with golden lines, highlighting the luxury and nobility.

The filter uses a porous design for easy filtering of tea leaves, and the handle part also uses the technique of gold plated relief, making the filter more exquisite and beautiful. The upper part of the lid also uses gold-plated relief technique, exquisite and gorgeous, adding a noble atmosphere to the entire tea mug. The coaster is a round coaster with a diameter of 11cm, which can effectively protect the tabletop and is also part of the entire tea mug set.

What is even more amazing is that the entire tea mug set (except for the coaster) is made of warm, delicate, and white Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain. Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain is a traditional Chinese porcelain material with a delicate texture, high gloss, soft texture, and good heat preservation performance, which is very suitable formaking tea ware. The use of this material makes the entire tea mug set more high-end and exquisite, and also has good heat preservation performance, which can better maintain the temperature and aroma of the tea.

This mug is not just a practical tea ware, but also an artwork. Its unique and exquisite design showcases the fashion sense and noble and gorgeous temperament of modern design. Made with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, every detail has been carefully designed and polished, showcasing the maker's dedication and craftsmanship. It is a boutique mug with artistic and collection value.
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