The Majestic Great Wall Cup

The Majestic Great Wall Cup

Tea culture is a heritage of thousands of years in China and has become a representation of the world tea culture. In this era where taste is highly valued, drinking tea is not only a habit of life, but also a reflection of taste and cultivation. A set of exquisite tea utensils can add fun and elegance to the tea ceremony. This set of Mutton fat jade porcelain tea set is exactly so.

Cup body: Exquisite painting like a landscape painting
This tea set consists of four parts: cup body, filter holder, cup cover, and coaster. The outer side of the cup body is painted with the Great Wall, mountains, sun, and flocks of birds, representing the prosperity and magnificence of the country. The delicate painting and warm Mutton fat jade porcelain complement each other, like a three-dimensional Chinese landscape painting. The handle of the cup body is sharp and angular, showing a firm sense of strength and demonstrating exquisite carving craftsmanship.

Filter holder: Perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics
The filter holder is the practical core of this tea set. The handle part adopts gilding craftsmanship, making it more noble and elegant in use. The surrounding part adopts a porous design, which can quickly filter out tea residue, keeping the tea clear and making the tea tasting process more enjoyable. This craftsmanship combines practicality and aesthetics, representing the perfect integration of traditional and modern design.

Cup cover: Gorgeous craftsmanship
The top part of the handle of the cup cover adopts the technique of attaching gold relief, and the lifelike pattern makes the whole cup cover look like a work of art. The side part adopts gilding craftsmanship, making the cup cover glittering and adding a beautiful scenery line to the tea set. This exquisite craftsmanship represents the pinnacle of traditional Chinese craftsmanship and also showcases the spiritual connotation of tea culture.

Coaster: Simple but not simple
The coaster is a round mat with a diameter of 11cm. Its simple design complements the gorgeousness of the entire tea set, perfectly embellishing the overall beauty of the tea set. This design concept conforms to the aesthetic taste of "simplifying complexity" in Chinese culture.

The entire tea set (except for the coaster) is carefully made of warm and delicate, clean and mild Mutton fat jade porcelain, reflecting the pursuit of high quality in terms of material, craftsmanship, and design. This tea set is not only a work of art in the tea ceremony, but also a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, bringing a new aesthetic experience to tea drinkers.


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