72 Intangible Cultural Heritage Crafts

72 Intangible Cultural Heritage Crafts - Kingwares
Among all types of porcelain, mutton fat jade porcelain is considered the finest and is known as "Chinese white". Its pure and translucent white color has attracted frenzied demand from various European countries. In the auction and high-end collection markets, white porcelain is also a highly sought-after item.
The history of mutton fat jade porcelain can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. Due to its low yield and complex craftsmanship, it could only be used by royalty and nobility.
Mutton fat jade porcelain has excellent translucency, appearing as pure and white as mutton fat jade. When illuminated with a flashlight, the light can be seen shining through.
When pouring tea, you can see the color of the tea soup through the light.

Regardless of the shape of the pot or cup, the lines are very smooth.

The color is as pure white as snow, and the texture is as warm and smooth as jade, with a pearl-like luster that makes people fall in love at first sight.

Made with traditional craftsmanship

Takes 168 hours to make perfection

Traditional craftsmanship is an incomparable skill.

It requires 72 rigorous processes and 168 hours of work time, and each production run of 2000 pieces can only produce a few dozen finished products.

Dehua, as the world-famous capital of white porcelain, has excellent kaolin clay.

After firing it into a porcelain embryo, it takes more than 10 hours of carefully pulling and carving by skilled craftsmen to present the shape of the pot body.

Then, the formed porcelain embryo is fired in a gas kiln at a temperature of over 1300 degrees Celsius.

After 36 hours of kiln firing, only 40% of the final products are produced.

The fired white porcelain embryo has natural advantages.

When glazing, the embryo only needs to be coated with a layer of transparent glossy glaze to make the white porcelain translucent and smooth. 

Meanwhile, defective products are directly discarded and broken just to produce flawless white porcelain tea sets.

This set of white jade porcelain tea set is not just a tea-making utensil, but also a collection of exquisite and unparalleled artworks.

Placed on the tea table, it exudes an elegant charm.




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